Exactly How a Wood Charcoal Making Device Converts Wood to Charcoal

Wood charcoal is commonly utilized as a gas for a variety of commercial and domestic applications like heating of furnaces, tools, for food preparation purposes in bbqs as well as in other places. Wooden waste like tree branches, coconut covering, twigs, nut shells, sawdust, wood items are produced in a number of applications. As opposed to disposing this waste product, it can be utilized to make charcoal utilizing a Wood Charcoal Making Device at a reasonable cost. The layout of the equipment as well as the process of converting the wood and various other wood waste product into charcoal is discussed below.

Wood Charcoal Making Device
Wood Charcoal Making Device

Shredding as well as drying out the wood

Most of the wood utilized for making charcoal is originating from agricultural sources and also other wood related industries like furnishings making. The raw product is of different sizes, so to make the dimension attire, it is very first shredded, smashed as well as its dimension is lowered to a smaller sized dimension, relying on the size of charcoal called for. The wood additionally has a high dampness material, so the wood product is dried to lower the dampness levels in the wood. The dryer lies above the carbonization heater as well as after the wooden chips are dried out, they fall into the heating system for further carbonization process of wood.

The carbonization heating system will transform the wood chips or basic materials into charcoal and other items utilizing the process of pyrolysis. Though pyrolysis is mostly utilized on carbon based natural items, it can be also utilized on mixtures as well as is a thermochemical material handling technique. In this the wooden product is heated up at a very heat in the absence of air without oxygen, due to which the chemical and also physical bonds in the wood will certainly damage and also brand-new particles are developed. Much of the chemical bonds in the molecules that make up the wood, are separating when subjected to a high temperature.


During the pyrolysis of wood in the heating system, the new particles which are created normally have premium power qualities contrasted to the original molecules. Therefore pyrolysis is utilized thoroughly for treatment of waste materials. Unlike burning, which involves oxidation of the product, during biochar pyrolysis there is no air existing, so the processed material has a high power worth. In addition to the solid material, wood charcoal or bio-char which is produced, fluid products like wood vinegar and also gases which can be processed and also made use of as a fuel gas. After the various products, are divided, they are cooled, so that they can be packed or reused.

Fuel gas recycling

The tools for recycling of the fuel gas produced by the carbonization procedure of wood can assist in saving a lot of money in fuel costs. The fuel gas generated throughout pyrolysis of the wood has a high sulfur content, and also hence it is very important to get rid of the sulfur before making use of the gas for other applications. There is likewise a de dusting system with numerous filters for refining the fuel gas, so that it satisfies the energy standards. This fuel can be made use of for heating up the carbonization heater, making sure that the gas expenses and also running expenditures of the heating system are lower.

Final product

Among the primary benefits of investing in a machine for producing wood charcoal is that there is no waste product. All the items which are made can be sold, making it a rewarding investment. The charcoal created can be made use of for both commercial as well as residential applications for heating and food preparation, reducing the gas expenses to a very terrific degree. The fluid wood vinegar is used for a variety of applications like insect repellent, oil paint and pesticides. The gas from carbonization can be used for heating the carbonization heating system and also other tools, decreasing the requirement for other gas.

Getting the equipment

For ordering the charcoal plant, the buyer will need to define the raw product which he desires to make use of considering that the machine will be designed as necessary. He will certainly additionally have to specify the ability of the equipment called for, based upon the accessibility of the raw material. The machinery supplier will supply a quote for the machine based on the details given. The size, energy requirement and also output of the machine greatly relies on the capacity of the machine, as well as bigger makers will call for even more area for installation, and also will take in more power.

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