Know More About Kingtiger Tyre to Oil Machine

As the number of autos is increasing, the number of used tires is additionally enhancing at the same percentage. This has caused the buildup of the waste tyres in the setting causing pollution as a result of their non-biodegradable nature because of the complex materials comprising the tires as well as additionally the incineration of these tires to minimize their numbers in the atmosphere creates air pollution.

In order to sustainably manage environmental pollution associated with waste tires, old tyre oil plant has been established that run based upon the principle of pyrolysis. This includes heating the waste tyres in the activator of a pyrolysis device in the lack of oxygen to produce bio-oil and other valuable final product such as carbon black, steel cable and also biogas.

The procedure of pyrolysis utilizing waste tyre is enabled because of the nature and also composition of the raw materials composing tyres. These include all-natural rubber, synthetic polymers, carbon black, oil, steel cable and numerous chemicals.

Tyre to Oil Machine
Tyre to Oil Machine

Parts making up a waste tyre to oil maker

  • A feeding system that feeds the raw products into the reactor of the equipment.
  • A car shredder that damages down the waste tyres into the called for dimension.
  • An activator that comprises the almost all of the tyre to oil device where the heating procedure of the feedstock takes place.
  • A housing that offers insulation onto the reactor.
  • A manifold that separates light oil from hefty oil from the reactor.
  • A hydro seal system that purifies combustible gases created.
  • An air conditioning system that is used to condense the oil gas from the reactor to develop liquid oil.
  • A discharging system for discharging the strong items from the maker.
  • A de-dusting system that’s includes a water spray, water washing as well as ceramic ring adsorption system which together cleanse the exhausts from the maker before they are launched into the setting.

Working process of a tire to oil pyrolysis machine

Utilizing the feeding system, the waste tire is fed right into the device where it is damaged down using the automobile shredder. The shredded tyres are after that shared into the reactor which is warmed at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen. As the temperature level raises, oil gas is created which is guided right into the cooling system where it is cooled to generate fluid oil. This will then go into the manifold where heavy oil is separated from the light oil. The oil gas that can not condense will enter into the hydro seal system where it is cleansed and guided back into the reactor and used as fuel. The hefty oil divided in the manifold is routed back into the activator considering that it has dirt impurities where it is fine-tuned. When the procedure of oil production is completed, the temperature levels of the activator are cooled down, the last strong item consisting of carbon black and steel cord is after that discharged from the discharge system where it can be accumulated.

Use the final products of waste tire to oil manufacturing


The complete return of bio-oil is estimated to be 45% 0f the overall return.

The bio-oil is made use of as a different source of power in running industrial machines. When refined to diesel, the bio-oil can be used in running smaller device engines.

2. Carbon black

The output of carbon black from the tire to oil machine is 35% of the overall return.

Carbon black can be used as a source of fuel. It can also be used in the building industry in the making of building bricks. More.

3. Steel cord

The amount of steel cord produced throughout the process is approximated to be 12% of the overall return.

The created steel cord can be used in steel sectors in making of new steel items.

4. Biogas

This is the least created item which is approximated to be 8% of the total yield.

It is utilized as a resource of gas for shedding in sectors.

Benefits of making use of a tire to oil device

The result of the final product is very high as well as the maker is made in that you can add a catalyst that will accelerate the process of carbonization thus boosting result.

The waste tyre to fuel oil plant does not require the use of a lot of gas as the flammable gas produced can be reused for heating in the activator.

The device is safe to operate as a result of the existence of the protecting covering and a security shutoff.

It is eco-friendly due to the existence of the de-dusting system that cleanses smoke from the activator. Additionally, the visibility of the hydro seal system purifies flammable gas making it safe to make use of.


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